Tweeting Us Into Oblivion

December 22, 2016 9:21 pm by Jacob McAllister

nuclear bomb

Shit is gettin real…

A madman with his finger on the trigger… A sociopathic narcissist ready to push the button…

What was tossed around as some unthinkable joke is now our reality. There was plenty of pontificating during the election campaign as to how worried we should be about potentially handing control of our nuclear arsenal to Mr. Trump. Indeed, for most it was just a kind of parody of itself, something to be laughed away. But to quote Nigel FarageWe’re not laughing now are we…

In a stunning, if predictable outburst today, the President-elect tweeted out about expanding our nuclear capabilities. Here it is, in his own words:

This came after Russian leader Vladamir Putin announced Russia needed to strengthen its nuclear capabilities, in an announcement that was light on specifics. We are now in a situation where a new arms race could be in the making, with both leaders infusing their rhetoric with trademark macho bravado. These comments have created a predictable frenzy of news. Nuclear weapons are suddenly a major issue again.

trump tweet oblivion

It ain’t a tweet, you can’t undo it…

Up In Smoke

It is noteworthy how far of a step back we are taking on this issue. It has been the consensus of the international community for the last 30 years at least that stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a major priority for the safety of all mankind. Slowing the spread of nuclear weaponry was one of the benchmarks of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

It is difficult to find solace knowing that Trump alone has the ability to make this decision, and what he says stands. I can only hope this is all an act, which is certainly possible. Much has been made of his use of social media to create a frenzy in the news, a feat he almost always accomplishes. Perhaps all of us on the sane end of the human rationality scale (hopefully we’re still the majority) need to stop giving credence to his egotistical ramblings…

Known Knowns, Unknown Knowns, Unknown Un… Eh Whatever

So he hasn’t even set foot in the office yet, and he is already stirring up an international conversation about the legitimacy of increasing our arsenal of nuclear weapons. I really don’t know why I continue to be surprised by the theatrics. Especially with this issue, I think just about everyone has made at least one “finger on the button” reference.

We are now in the Don’s world. Policy by tweet. The world is subjected to the musings of his id. Maybe he’s just doing it all for fun. Maybe it’s a calculated strategy, or perhaps thinks it is legitimately a sound idea. Regardless, lets hope it doesn’t end with the push of a button. Whether that be the nuclear button, or the “tweet” button…


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