The True Cost of Climate Change Denial

June 2, 2017 10:39 pm by Jacob McAllister

Examining Who Pays the Costs of Climate Denial

America is now at risk of setting the clock back on climate change for the foreseeable future, according to this brilliant documentary for VICE. Shane Smith takes an in depth look at the costs of climate change, and who ultimately pays them. He puts boots on the ground in places such as Miami with its flooding streets, and Norway where oil companies are finding innovative solutions to carbon emissions. He speaks with leading experts in the field to assess where we are headed in light of our new political reality, and the challenges those who seek to deal with this problem now face.

Smith examines how it could be possible, in the face of overwhelming consensus in the scientific community, as well as public opinion, that climate skepticism is so prevalent in political discourse. He exposes a powerful lobby dedicated to muddying the waters on the issue, using many of the same tactics used by the tobacco industry. “They pounded the drumbeat of uncertainty,” says Dr. Naomi Oreskes.

We don’t know, we’re just not sure, there is just not enough information for the government to get involved, we should just let business take care of itself. All of these arguments have been used to perfection by the oil companies, who have long known that climate change is real.

Smith has been at the forefront of this issue for years now, doing some of the best reporting around on the topic in his no nonsense style. The video is well worth watching, and could not be more relevant in the wake of our presidents disastrous decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Screengrab courtesy of HBO


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