The Team is an Illusion

December 25, 2016 11:13 am by Jacob McAllister


Steven Colbert on Face the Nation

In a remarkable interview on CBS’ Face the Nation, Steven Colbert weighed in on where we are now as a country, and on the state of division we find ourselves in. He is extremely candid and authentic, admitting to not really having a contingency plan for a Trump victory in preparing for his election night special, and feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights. This prompted him, on air, to question the concept of picking sides. He later expanded on this by asserting that the concept of a “team” in politics is an illusion.

He touches on the seductive nature of taking sides in politics:

It makes me question picking sides because if you look at this like a sport or a battle against your neighbor, you’ll choose anything as a knife against the other side, and that itself is the opposite of a virtue. That’s a vice. Political divisiveness is a vice.

People, Not Politics

He questioned whether or not people should look to comedians such as  himself to get news, and was very humble about his affect on the overall political climate. He expressed gratitude for the commonality of human experience, and stresses the importance of interpersonal relationships over political allegiance.

A Nation is not its politics. A Nation is the relationships between its people…
And I’m thankful for those who I don’t agree with politically, because they make me question my beliefs…

Colbert also touched upon his creative process, and touched on the fact that the incoming president elect is about as far from boring and predictable as can be, which always provides ample material for satire. Check out the interview here:


Screengrab courtesy of CBS News.


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