Taking the Bait

December 28, 2016 11:04 am by Jacob McAllister

Trump Vs Obama

Trump-Obama, Mono a Mono…

It looks like the honeymoon period is over.

After the two sides met initially, and vowed to work together to smooth the transition process, it appeared as though some form of civility might be achievable after one of the ugliest election campaigns in modern history. So much for that idea…

The Bait

In an interview with David Axelrod, his former campaign manager, the President stated that he would win in a head to head contest with the Donald. The assertion was harmless enough. Here are his words:

You know, I am confident in my vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it.

Seems fairly innocent to me. He is merely speculating, and the comment was made in the context of a conversation about his legacy and whether or not his policies were on the ballot. This of course was construed by the Trump team as “Obama Said He Would Have Beaten Me”. It is clear he is trying to bait Trump into lashing out, and is making the calculation that it will be easy to accomplish…

The (Over)Reaction

Trump came out swinging yesterday, all but ending the era of good feelings between the outgoing and incoming President. He accused Obama of putting up “roadblocks” to the transition process in his latest twitter outburst. Here he is in his own words:

The White House, for their part is staying mum for now. Their strategy of trying to bait Mr. Trump appears to be working. He has thus far taken the high road, offering his assistance whenever possible. For his part during their initial meeting, President-elect Trump did his best impersonation of a decent human being, saying he had great respect for the President. It appears that has gone by the wayside.

Sizing It Up

Some may say that it is not presidential of Obama to try and bait the incoming President. But to that I would simply ask: Is it worse to be the baiter or the baitee? If it speaks to Obama’s character that he would play such a mind game, what then does it say about the maturity of the man who falls for it? This is our incoming president.

The contrast between the two men could not be any more clear. Cool and level-headed Obama versus reactionary and bombastic Trump. Grace against Bravado. Two clearly different visions for our country. We are about to embark down one of those paths. We are all in for a ride…

Check out the full story below via USA Today:
Trump: Smooth transition with Obama is over


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