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When the Levies Break

This hurricane season has been one of the most active in recent memory, especially for the citizens of Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico. These storms and the associated flooding have […]

The True Cost of Climate Change Denial

Examining Who Pays the Costs of Climate Denial America is now at risk of setting the clock back on climate change for the foreseeable future, according to this brilliant documentary […]

Respirer Paris

America Takes a Back Seat on Climate Change It looks like we are going it alone on this one. Hard line conservatives got what they have been waiting for, as […]

Marching For Science

Thousands Around the World March in the Name of Science Scientists around the globe took to the streets yesterday in the name of science, speaking out against the Trump administrations […]

The Inconvenient Trump

  In an increasingly tumultuous world, Climate Change remains at the forefront of concerns for a great many Americans. Much has been said about what the upcoming Trump presidency means […]