Serving Up Hypocricy

January 26, 2017 12:40 am by Jacob McAllister

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Trump’s Private Email Server – You’re kidding righ?

What was that? Did someone say private email server?

RT is reporting that after 18 months of relentlessly hammering Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, several senior members of Trump’s administration have activated email accounts on private RNC servers, a clear violation of the hatch act. The GOP were vociferous critics of the prosecution of Mrs. Clinton for just such a violation. The report also contains the disturbing detail that our president is still using his old cell phone in favor of the encrypted one provided to him:

Another security risk is presented by Trump’s decision to use his old, unsecured Android phone, which some aides have protested.

When Barack Obama became president, he was issued a heavily modified BlackBerry that he used throughout his eight years in office. Trump has also been issued a secure, encrypted device that was approved by the Secret Service, but the New York Times reports that he is still using his old phone.

trump It is clear that our new president is not concerned with the security implications, nor with the public perception of this blatant hypocrisy. He continues to do it his way.

Anybody Got a Sledgehammer?

Newsweek originally broke the story about the private email accounts of top Trump advisers, which prompted the deletion of said accounts.

It’s not clear whether or how Trump staffers are using the RNC email addresses. If they are using them, they are subject to the “Disclosure Requirement For Official Business Conducted Using Electronic Messaging Accounts,” a law, 44 U.S.C. 2209, that went into effect in 2014. If White House staffers have already used the RNC emails system for White House work, they must copy or forward those communications into the government system within 20 days.

(Since this story was published, the RNC has deleted the emails of Bannon, Kushner and Conway. Newsweek is waiting for further comment.)

It will be interesting to see how the White House tries to spin this story.

Trump staff using RNC private server for emails – report


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