Russian Plane Vanishes

December 24, 2016 10:16 pm by Jacob McAllister

Russian plane

Russian Plane Vanishes

A plane has vanished into thin air in Russia this evening soon after takeoff. All radio contact with the airplane has been lost. The plane took off from the resort town of Sochi on the Black Sea. Live updates are coming in from Russian State media, and as of right now the plane is still unaccounted for.  Contact with the plane was lost about 20 minutes after takeoff. Here is the full story from Al-Jazeera:


Russian military plane ‘disappears from radar’

A Russian military aircraft has disappeared from radars shortly after taking off from the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russian media says. The Tu-154 plane, which was on its way to Latakia in Syria, was carrying 82 passengers and 10 crew members, RT broadcaster reported. More soon.

UPDATE(11:11 PT): The plane has crashed. Debris was found in the Black Sea.


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