Happy Easter!

April 16, 2017 2:34 pm by Jacob McAllister

Happy Easter from Truthfulnotneutral.net

easter bombs

Hoping your Easter is the bomb…

Wishing all of you at home a great Easter Sunday. Hopefully it is spent enjoying your time together with your loved ones. Enjoy this hilarious Easter message from SNL:

This article in the Washington Post dissects the aforementioned speech, highlighting all of the references and providing context.

Here are some other noteworthy Easter stories:

  • Politico reports that President Trump is celebrating Easter his way, at Bethesda-By-the-Sea, and upscale church in Palm Beach, then back to Mar-a-Lago, his luxurious home away from home.
  • Brexit could force British candy maker Cadbury to either raise prices or shrink the size of its legendary Cadbury Eggs, according to the Guardian. Score one for the globalists…
  • Susan Olp writes for Billings Gazette about why the date Easter falls on is always changing, tracing the practice back to a rift between the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox churches.
  • “It is time for Christians to wake up and see the threat that Trump poses to their values” writes Jim Wallace of the New York Daily News, in a beautifully written piece:

    Easter is a season of hope. It is my hope that this Holy Week and Easter day become a wake-up call to Christians who support Trump in spite of the clear teachings of their Christian faith.

  • TIME Magazine examines the origins of the name Easter, and the many theories as to how it came to be.



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