Getting Out of the Bubble

January 15, 2017 10:03 pm by Jacob McAllister

Obama on 60 Minutes

Obama in his last interview as President.

“I am looking forward to getting out of the bubble,” Obama said, among other things in his final interview as President. With less than a week to go in his presidency, he reflected on his time in office with Steve Croft, the 12th such interview with 60 minutes. The interview contrasts the challenges he faced coming in with the current situation in Washington, and revisits his entrance to the White House following major policy decisions throughout.

He reflects on how he “became a lightening rod for some partisan battles”, and admits to not “cracking the code on the partisan feud.” He lamented the lack of partisan cooperation from the other side, and attributed much of the gridlock in Washington to that strategy.

Particularly in the midst of a crisis, I did not expect just how severe the partisanship would be.

He touched on the lack of turnout for the last election, and how both candidates were extremely unpopular.

It indicates that there is a lot of cynicism out there. It indicates the corrosive nature of [media sources] which make people lack confidence in a lot of our democratic institutions.

He challenged the Democratic party to take a more grassroots approach, and admitted that while he disagreed with the Tea Party, he admired their activism.

It showed that if you get involved, if your voice is heard, you can have an impact.

He touched very briefly on the transition to the Trump administration, admitting the obvious that he is an unconventional candidate and saying it has been an unusual transition. He was not going to get into details on that subject.

He also touches on Syria, healthcare, and much more. Here is the full interview from 60 Minutes: