The Crossroads of Liberalism

December 25, 2016 1:31 am by Jacob McAllister


If it is to thrive, liberalism must have an answer for the pessimists, too…

These words of encouragement came in an article from The Economist today, in a call to progressives around the world to unite and take up arms in defense of liberal democracy. It argues that liberalism is far from dead, despite having taken a beating globally this year. A compelling case is made for taking advantage of this opportunity to redefine what we stand for and how we can lead moving forward.

Liberals are implored to find new ways to facilitate technical and social innovation, as well as decentralize their power structure and become more of a grassroots party. He also makes the excellent point that progressivism is rooted in fostering creativity and innovation in order to bring about change, and there is plenty of reason to expect that there will be an audience for our ideas. Check out the original article below:
How to make sense of 2016

global order

Is the global order doomed?

Not So Fast…

Another piece also published today struck a much more pessimistic tone towards global liberalism’s chances moving forward. The author frames it as being much worse than thought at the onset of 2016, with what was once considered the fringe now being the mainstream viewpoint. This year, starting in Netherlands with the Party for Freedom, and then in France with the National Front, we could see more upheaval in the global liberal order that has held for so long now. He asserts that Trump’s victory will only embolden this rebellion, and sees little in the way of a strong, cohesive narrative to counter it.

Amid all this upheaval, the pro-European liberal consensus that dominated continental politics after the fall of the Berlin Wall finds itself without a convincing defender.

These questions will no doubt continue to linger into the new year, and challenges will certainly mount for progressives globally moving forward. There are plenty of obstacles to overcome, but I sense liberals are ready for a fight. Here is the full article:
Blond bombast

Both of these articles are fantastic reads. For those who are not familiar with their work, The Economist provides world class reproting. It is extremely well written and informative, and is a go to for US and world news. Anyone looking to support top notch journalism should check them out.



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