…And A Happy New Year!

January 1, 2017 10:22 pm by Jacob McAllister


Happy New Years!

Happy New Years to everyone from TruthfulNotNeutral.net! It’s been a great year and we look forward to many more to come. 2016 was most certainly an eventful one to say the least. The road ahead will certainly be filled with unprecedented events and captivating stories. Truthfulness will be in great demand in the months and years to come.

Looking Back

The year we experienced was one of upheaval, both here and abroad. Progressive causes suffered multiple defeats across the globe this year. Some have looked at this with more of a how could this happen mentality, while others tend to take a more action oriented approach and focus on what we can affect moving forward. Some, such as Steven Hawking, made passionate appeals to the ruling classes to address growing social upheaval. All of these positions have their place, and especially now that events are fresh we should not silence those who caution us of the dangers of the coming presidency. Essential reading for any news hound is the top 12 Must-Reads from The Intercept, one of the premier independent journalism outlets in the world:
Twelve Must-Reads From The Intercept in 2016
Here John Nichols takes a look at Obama’s legacy in The Nation’s annual Best of the Left for 2016:

Into the Crystal Ball…

2017Many have made predictions about where we may be heading this coming year. The Wall Street journal always has a good forecast for what to expect in financial markets. Global Populism will continue to be on the rise according to The Week, and The Nation makes sure to remind us that we are still the majority, and to fight Trump’s coming claims of a mandate. The scientific community is understandably anxious about the affects of the upcoming presidency on climate change. If you want the full on doom-and-gloom scenario, check out James Kunstler, always an entertaining read if nothing else. It is always fun to speculate where we may be headed, although if this last year was any indication, it’s going to be another wild ride.

peace on earth

Peace On Earth, And Goodwill Toward Men

Here is hoping for a year filled with peace and prosperity for all. May your relationships blossom and grow, and may you continue to grow on your path that you seek. May you be a better person and more caring and attentive to those around you. I hope that all of your dreams come ever closer to fruition.

We are all on this planet together, and we must share it with those whom we disagree. As progressives we find ourselves in the minority currently (electorally speaking that is). There are sure to be many obstacles faced, and together we will face them, and hopefully work towards creating a better world in the face of some admittedly large challenges. I know that we are up for it.

Happy New Year to all! I wish everyone nothing but the best for 2017!

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