Against the Wind

May 23, 2017 11:08 pm by Jacob McAllister

It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up…

President Trump finds himself in hot water due to both, and the bad news just keeps rolling in. The result has been the most tumultuous couple of weeks of his tenure to date.

The actions of the White House are creating a snowball effect, with each day bringing worse and worse news, writes David A. Graham of the Atlantic in a fascinating look into all of Trumps presidential missteps:

If Trump hoped to stifle Russia questions, as he himself suggested, it has not worked, at least not in the immediate term. The questions have only grown louder. As Trump’s erstwhile pal Bill Clinton can tell him, once investigators start poking at an administration, scandals have a tendency to snowball.

The article goes into great depth, providing detailed analysis and sources for further research, touching on such topics as Russia, Comey, and the Flynn debacle.

Stupid Watergate

John Oliver hilariously deemed the situation “stupid Watergate”, declaring it “a scandal with all the potential ramifications of Watergate, but where everyone involved is stupid and bad at everything.” He notes those in the media who aren’t making a big deal of this, and unsurprisingly Fox News tops the list.

He also warns liberals not to get too excited however, as impeachment is still very much a long shot, and Trump is likely to weather the storm. We have all seen this situation before, where Trump looks finished only to emerge unscathed.

scandalOn Dangerous Ground

Tempting as is may be to indulge in schadenfreude, this is potentially a very dangerous situation for the republic. Might Trump be overstepping his bounds, acting unilaterally as a Chief Executive of a private company would? Bob Bauer of Lawfare thinks so, calling in his latest piece for the investigation to look past the scope of the Russia probe to the question of how the administration functions on rule of law issues:

Under a “broken window” policing theory, Congress should not hone in only on the main show, the large issues around any connection or “collusion” with Russia. The President seems to be struggling with fundamentals of setting up and guiding a government that operates more or less reliably within reasonably well-recognized ethical and legal lines. Or it could be that he is unable to break old habits: He is wedded to the uses of law and lawyers that he believes served him well in his business.

These are very serious questions, and the deeper the hole Trump digs for himself, the more these cries will gain traction.

We all knew this would be an unconventional presidency, but a little over a hundred days in, and we are already entering uncharted and potentially dangerous waters. The storm clouds are brewing, and nobody is sure about the captain.

Where we end up is anybody’s guess.


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