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December 21, 2016 1:59 pm by Jacob McAllister


Don’t ever take sides against the family…

In what can only be described as a blatant pay-for-play scheme, it appears as though a Non-Profit organization, Opening Day Foundation, which has ties to the Trump family (Eric and Don Jr. were both listed as directors as recently as a year ago), sent out an invitation to potential high dollar donors, promising direct access to the President-elect for the nominal fee of $1 million dollars.The flyer itself can be found here (courtesy of TMZ). Here are some tidbits:

Donors who give $1 million (“Bald Eagle” status) are offered a “private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests” with Eric and Donald Jr. and a “very special guest”—confirmed by a person familiar with the event as the president-elect. They are also promised a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests with Donald Trump Jr. and/or Eric Trump, and team.”

There you have it folks, after telling us over and over again that Hillary is corrupt and represents business as usual in Washington, and even specifically sighting instances of pay-for-play from the Clinton foundation, we have here a clear case of real, actual access for sale.

Camp Trump is pushing back, claiming that this is all merely conceptual, and was not sanctioned by the billionaire or his relatives. Still this whole story is bothersome on many levels, and continues to highlight the dangers of this kind of merging of state power and the almighty dollar in a way that is totally unprecedented.

Read the full story here via the Wall Street Journal:

Nonprofit Linked to Trump Sons Offers Donors Access to President


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