This Week In Technology 4-30

Facebook In Hot Water, The Fight For Net Neutrality,  and The Cyborg Police Force of the Future Welcome to our weekly look at the goings on in  at the intersection […]

Naked Kleptocracy

The Naked Kleptocracy Taking Place in the White House The presidency thus far is looking like it is going to be quite lucrative for the president and his family. Are […]


Facebook Admits Its Platform Was Used to Spread Propaganda In the 2016 Election Much has been made of the role that “fake news” played in the election of president Trump, […]

The Trump Show

Donald Trump is the perfect president for the reality TV age, as this fascinating episode of Fault Lines illustrates, looking into the president’s unique approach to the office as a […]

This Week in Technology: Mapping the Mind

A Round-Up of the News At the Intersection Technology and Politics For the Week Here are a few of the more compelling stories from this past week in the world […]

Business of Governing

Trumps Plan to Run the Government Like a Business President Trump has announced a new White House Office of American Innovation, which will be focusing on leaning out the government and […]

Marching For Science

Thousands Around the World March in the Name of Science Scientists around the globe took to the streets yesterday in the name of science, speaking out against the Trump administrations […]

Nothing to See Here

President Trump Decides That Transparency From the White House is Overrated “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” That is the question that the Trump administration is […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Wishing all of you at home a great Easter Sunday. Hopefully it is spent enjoying your time together with your loved ones. Enjoy this hilarious Easter […]

Bombing Bigly

Trump is Having Fun Flexing American Military Might The president is starting to find his groove. It’s hard to believe it took this long really. He flirted with nationalistic rhetoric […]