The Dark Lord

Steve “Turn On the Hate” Bannon is Making His Presence Felt If there’s an explosion or a fire somewhere, Steve’s probably nearby with some matches. The world is a scary place. Traditional […]

Muslim Ban Halted

In a huge win for civil liberties today, a Federal judge granted an emergency stay to hundreds of people trapped at airports on Saturday who, despite having a valid visa to enter […]

Some Numbers on Immigration

In light of all of the conversation surrounding the topic of immigration to the United States, a look at some actual figures is warranted. This first interactive chart stands in […]

Serving Up Hypocricy

What was that? Did someone say private email server? RT is reporting that after 18 months of relentlessly hammering Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email […]

The Profiler

Trump’s Muslim ban is a go… The Huffington Post is reporting that Trump is planning to unveil the details of his Muslim ban to be announced later this week. They […]

Putting Up Walls

  The message coming from the oval office this evening is, “Congress, put up that wall…” The New York Times has reported that President Trump will sign an executive order […]

Piping Down

The gauntlet on climate change has been thrown… We got our first official action on the environment today, and it looks like trouble ahead… In a huge blow to the […]

Truth Evasion

In the flurry of mistruth that has surrounded the ascendancy of President Trump, it is easy to let a whopper or two slip past the goalie. Team Trump is going […]

Girl Power

The second day of the Trump administration has seen an unprecedented wave of protests gather across the globe, as the Women’s March on Washington and protests all around the world speak […]

Revenge of the Nerds

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, with growing public awareness to the spread of ‘fake news’ and the implicit social media culpability in its rise, a group of liberal […]