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Access Washington

In what can only be described as a blatant pay-for-play scheme, it appears as though a Non-Profit organization,¬†Opening Day Foundation, which has ties to the Trump family (Eric and Don […]

Network Error: More on Russian Hacks

The cries for investigation on the hill are flying in faster than the infinite numer of 1’s and 0’s floating around cyberspace. Suddenly, everyone is chiming in on cyberterror. The […]

Attack In Berlin

  Multiple people are dead following an attack in which a large truck drove into a large crowd of people, killing at least nine and injuring 50 others. The act […]

Russian Ambassador Gunned Down in Turkey

  The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was brutally murdered today in the Capital city of Ankara. In reference to¬†their brutal strategy in Syria, the assailant screamed “Remember Aleppo” and “Allah […]

The Inconvenient Trump

  In an increasingly tumultuous world, Climate Change remains at the forefront of concerns for a great many Americans. Much has been said about what the upcoming Trump presidency means […]

One Decent Man

            The tepid response to the ongoing hacking scandal by some members of the Republican party has grown increasingly hostile towards the idea of Russian […]

Morning in America

Its morning again in America. Only this time, we’re waking from a nightmare. America has collectively awoken face down in an alley, our wallet is gone, we have no idea […]

The Great Divide

Liberal vs Conservative. Right versus Left. Red versus Blue. Up versus Down… It would seem that America is split along some type of line right down the middle of just […]

Hack in the USSR

  The United States and Russia famously engaged in a Cold War for the last half of the 20th century. Now, in a (not so) stunning development, it seems that […]

In Defense of Institutions

On November 7, 2016, the electorate of the United States of America collectively altered the political, social, and economic landscape of our nation in such a way that shook its […]